Literary Hero of the Month: December 2016: Anna Lightwood from Cassandra Clare’s upcoming ‘Last Hours’ series

Ok, so as Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite authors EVER- anyone who reads this blog knows that I seem to review her work at least once a month, I even met her a few years ago at a literature convention- and especially as I love diverse characters, I have been waiting to read about Anna Lightwood for what seems like forever. In fact, I simply CANNOT WAIT to read more about Anna Lightwood in Clare’s highly anticipated ‘Last Hours’ series- the suspense is killing me!

Shadowhunters are trained half-angel warriors who fight demons, btw, if you don’t already know this or haven’t heard about Clare’s work then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!!!- Born into the Lightwood family of Shadowhunters we first met (and loved) in Clare’s ‘Infernal Devices’ Victorian-era trilogy, Anna is (as far as I can glean,) a popular, witty woman in 1903 with black bobbed/cropped hair, amazing style (think natty SUITS and purple and gold brocade dressing gowns!) and a sassy, clever, confident attitude. She’s also based upon a real person-the scandalously BADASS and incredibly talented artist Romaine Brooks, who had passionate affairs with numerous women, even including members of the aristocracy (OH NO YOU DIDN’T, ROMAINE!!) and Anna herself is also extremely funny (or so it appears.) She kind of makes me think of Nan King from Sarah Waters’ novel ‘Tipping the Velvet’– another great, independent LGBT character by the way.

Apparently Anna is close to her family but also very independent-preferring to live by herself in a flat near Tottenham Court Road. (Right, that’s IT, forget about ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’  I’m going ‘Anna-Lightwood-hunting’ NOW.) Oh yeah, and she’s also a lesbian/genderfluid. (At least, from what I can tell from Clare’s amazing Tumblr blog- remember, the book comes out next year!!!) Now, Clare has introduced lesbian characters before- (SPOILER) Helen Blackthorn– who’s half-Faerie- and Aline Penhallow for one, and there’s also a lesbian couple (minor characters, but memorable) in ‘The Bane Chronicles,’ (which is also an AWESOME short story collection.) But I’m really excited that we now have another LGBT/genderfluid major character- alongside Mark Blackthorn and Kieran (I STILL ship them, *sigh*) in ‘Lady Midnight.’ And one who just seems so damn cool. (By the way, you can read my full review of ‘Lady Midnight’ here.) Forget about giving Anna Lightwood the spotlight- she’s already going to steal it for herself. Basically, ALL HAIL Anna Lightwood and HELL YEAH, CASSANDRA CLARE. 


You can read a snippet from ‘The Last Hours’ involving Anna Lightwood here. (And it’s incredible!) She also appears in ‘An Illustrated History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld’, illustrated by Clare’s top illustrator, Cassandra Jean. The gorgeous illustration at the top of the page comes from there (via Tumblr) and the second illustration is also by Cassandra Jean. The third comes from Cassandra Clare’s Tumblr.


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