HAPPY HALLOWEEN! My special Halloween ‘Breathing Ghosts’ short story is BACK!!

Hi there! New readers to this blog may not know that as well as being a blogger, I am also a published author- I am the author of two novels (and a collection of short stories) known as ‘The Breathing Ghosts’ Series, a dark vampire YA- and I am currently working on the third novel in the series. If you want to know more, please visit  the official website for ‘The Breathing Ghosts,’ which has all the links to my books and my writing portfolio. In the meantime, in honour of Halloween on Monday (mwa HA HA!) my special ‘Breathing Ghosts’-themed Halloween short story rises again from the grave- it was originally published in 2014- to bring you frights, delights, and a VERY familiar character from ‘The Breathing Ghosts’ Series!

You can find the full short story on the official blog for ‘The Breathing Ghosts’ Series here.


Enjoy, and have a wonderful, fun and safe Halloween!


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