Literary Hero of the Month (#LHOTM): Magnus Bane from Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series

Magnus Bane has, in my humble opinion, got to be one of the best YA characters ever. Clare’s writing is loved for its diversity and it’s well-rounded, thoughtful and nuanced depictions of LGBT characters- characters whom sadly, are not fully represented in a lot of mainstream YA fiction. Far from being a marginalized ‘sidekick’ character, or a camp stereotype, Magnus is a  charming, clever, once-seen-never-forgotten bisexual whirlwind of pure AWESOMENESS.

He wears glitter in his hair, paint on his nails, slogan T-shirts (a prime example being one saying ‘Blink if you want me’) and makeup. Lots of makeup. He is also the High Warlock of Brooklyn, immortal, all-powerful and able to both create magical portals and shoot blue fire from his fingertips. (Y’know, because he is BADASS.) SPOILER: He also has physical, emotionally-involved relationships with both men and women (gasp! surprise!) and is fully confident in both his sexuality and his personality, which in my opinion often outshines every other character in the glitter-strewn room.Oh yeah, and he has a cat- named Chairman Meow.

Friends of mine have actually admitted they read the ‘Mortal Instruments’ books JUST for Magnus, and I can see why. The recent publication of his own adventures- ‘The Bane Chronicles’- is nothing short of brilliant, both funny and moving. Because despite all that power, underneath the glittering, bejewelled facade Magnus is soft, loving, caring and desperately in need of someone to love him- truly love him, and all his flaws. Drum roll please…make way for Alec, secret-gay-Shadowhunter and brooding tortured soul.

Tough-yet-vulnerable Alec also possesses Magnus’s favourite physical combination- black hair, blue eyes, if you’ve read Clare’s ‘Clockwork Angel’ you’ll know why-and basically becomes Magnus’s kryptonite. Their love is the YA version of Jane and Rochester, Darcy and Lizzie, Morticia and Gomez. Their kiss in the recent ‘Shadowhunters’ TV series had me leaping out of my seat with excitement and sheer jubilation.

Oh yes, my love for #Malec is very much real, and who better to star as this Halloween’s #LHOTM than a witty, wisecracking warlock? I can only hope we see much much more of Magnus Bane. #TeamMalec #gaylove #truelove #lovewins

PSSSST… Still want more of Magnus? OF COURSE YOU DO!! Read my double review of the first two books in Clare’s ‘Infernal Devices’ series-in which Magnus is a character- here. Still not enough? Find out why Magnus (and lovely, lovely Alec) are two honoured guests at my perfect Literary Tea Party. (Part of the #LiteraryTeaParty tag.) Who says I don’t spoil you guys? 😀

Images originally from spaceshiro, the fabulously named ofwarlocksandgayness, city-of-the-darkness and taratjah, all on Tumblr


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