Book Boyfriend of the Month: Kell from V.E Schwab’s ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’

After the popularity of last month’s ‘Literary Hero the Month’ (Lucien from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses‘) written in the style of a (albeit rather unusual) love letter to the oh-so-swoon-worthy Lucien, I thought I would attempt to make this a regular feature. Roll up, to this month’s first (proper) ‘Book Boyfriend Of the Month’ (#BBOTM) post. Hurrah! This month it is Kell, from V.E Schwab’s incredible ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ (ADSOM.) Read my original review of the book here.

Reasons Kell should be my Book Boyfriend of the Month: 

1. You have red hair. Swooooooon.

2. You are a powerful Antari magician, with one completely black eye that somehow looks BADASS and not scary at all, (even though others are inexplicably scared of it.)

3. You can travel BETWEEN MAGICAL WORLDS. OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO COOL. Please take me with you on your fabulous swash-buckling adventures.

4. Your usual companion, Delilah Bard, keeps running off to be a pirate, which means that you currently are in need of a companion. Fear not, I AM HERE!

5. You keep on smuggling illegal stuff between worlds, and then keeping it close to you in your magical coat. I would like to point out that I am clearly highly smugglable- is that a word??- and being short but perfectly formed, I can easily fit into pockets of any good magical coat.

6. As previously mentioned- you have a flamboyantly magical coat. Um, AWESOME.

7. You can be taciturn and solemn, but that’s okay, as I can talk enough for both of us.

8. You rock the whole ‘I can do magic, but with great magic comes great responsibility’ vibe. You say stuff along these lines a lot, (mainly to Rhy) and yet it never gets wearing.

9. You are thoughtful, precise and sometimes moody- I’ll admit it- but you are also kind and honourable. These are qualities I respect in my Book Boyfriends. (By the way, I am also kind and honorable, and known to be occasionally gorgeous, when I make the effort for, say, elusive magicians with at least one black eye and red hair. Just in case you’re wondering. :D)

10. (SPOILER) You TOTALLY survived White London. As fans of ADSOM know, that is NOT a safe place to be, and yet you rocked it to its core and still survived to stride on out of there, intact and still able to perform jaw-dropping feats of magic. This makes you nothing short of legendary.

If you want to know more about Kell and his role in V.E Schwab’s amazing ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ series, check out her great blog. ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ is available from Amazon and other book retailers now.

-All images and gifs are from Tumblr


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