Literary Hero of the Month: September 2016: Lucien from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’


Ok, so I’ve decided to do this month’s LHOTM slightly differently this time. Instead of just writing how AWESOME and swoon-worthy Lucien from ACOTAR is, I’ve just decided to compile a list of why why WHY he should be my number ONE fictional fantasy boyfriend. *Mwa ha ha evil laugh* For those of you who are not familiar with the character, you can read my review of this amazing book here. (I gave it ten out of ten!) Enjoy!

Reasons why you-i.e. Lucien- from ACOTAR-should be my number ONE fictional fantasy boyfriend:

1. You have long red hair. This can ONLY be a good thing.

2. You have a truly awesome sense of humour. (Hey, guess WHAT, I’m funny too- at least sometimes! Why don’t we meet up and trade witty insults about Feyre? *Coughs and shuffles away*)

3. You are forever forced to wear a golden fox mask. Ok, so being forced to wear it all the time isn’t cool, but the fox part is. I don’t know precisely why this is so cool, but it just IS. Foxes are cool. And stealthy. And clever. Just like…well, you. Plus, because you’re High Fae (not high in THAT sense,) you’re obviously GORGEOUS, even with the mask.

You also have a magical golden eye (made out of real gold!) Some people might be scared by it, Lucien, but not me- I accept you in all your red-haired gold-eyed gloriousness.

4. You are witty (oh so witty, you’re witty and pretty and… yeah, you get the idea.) Your comebacks and oneliners are nothing short of genius. Your dialogue pretty much makes a lot of the book.

5. I have yet to see you get drunk on the magical faerie wine* that made Feyre dance like a loon- that was hilarious, by the way- but if you did, I’m sure it would be EPIC. (Drink faerie wine responsibly, kids!)

*I can only hope this scene is in ‘A Court of Mist and Fury,’ and if not, then it should be.

6. Yes, we all know Feyre is utterly badass and an awesome huntress, but you’re not so bad at hunting yourself.

7. (SPOILER) You never abandoned Feyre in evil Queen Amarantha’s dungeons Under the Mountain. You helped her, and even reset and healed her nose when it was broken by Amarantha’s cronies. This to me, makes you a gentleman at heart. You always have her back, as well as Tamlin’s.

8. (SPOILER) You were constantly belittled by your horrible older brothers, and yet it made you stronger and better than all of them. Yep.

9. You’re loyal to Tamlin, High Lord of the Spring Court, even though you are SO MUCH COOLER than him. *Ahem.*

10. You were raised in the Autumn Court, which is my favourite month, thus proving that we BELONG TOGETHER, and that you were meant to be my favourite fictional boyfriend (along with Kell from V.E Schwab’s ‘A Darker Shade of Magic‘, of course. Double swoon.)

11. You hate and despise Amarantha, which makes you instantly loveable, for obvious reasons.

12. Every freaking time you are mentioned in ACOTAR, I go like this:

13. (MAJOR SPOILER- DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ ‘ACOTAR’!!!) You still mourn for your one true love, who was murdered in front of you by said horrible brothers, and your (clearly equally horrible) father. I know this makes you a romantic, tortured soul, forever grieving for what could have been. In a way, this is one of your biggest redeeming qualities (cos let’s face it, you can be snarky and moody sometimes.) However, all I’m saying is, if you ever feel the need to date again, I’ll be in the Autumn Court, twiddling my thumbs and looking totally irresistible…

Note: All images are via Tumblr


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