Welcome to my brand new book blog!

Hello and WELCOME to the BRAND NEW book review blog, from the author of The Breathing Ghosts Series (that’s me, just for the record.) I’m intending for this blog to be filled to the gunnels with new and exciting book reviews, posts on events, conventions, exclusive author interviews, my favourite ‘Literary Character of the Month’ posts (originally found on the official blog for The Breathing Ghosts Series,) humour, fun, and much, more more.

So…who am I and why am I doing this post? Well, books and writing are my passion, and this blog will be a great outlet for my thoughts on all things bookish. When not blogging, you can usually find me writing.

As previously mentioned (ahem) I am the author of The Breathing Ghosts and The Blood Witching– two dark vampire fantasy novels aimed at young adults, and the accompanying short story collection, The Ghosts’ Feast. All are available to buy as ebooks from Amazon and Amazon.co.uk. I am currently in the process of writing a new YA Urban Fantasy novel which is very exciting, and I will posting updates on its progress here (another reason to keep reading!) I am intending the finish the third novel of The Breathing Ghosts Series after its completion.

I would very much like to think that my written work is a mix of humour, magic, myth, drama, romance, fantasy and forbidden love. (Because who doesn’t love forbidden love, right?) My work also deals with themes of sexuality, identity, bullying and gender.

I have previously written for  For Books’ SakeMookychick.comVampire Review and for the Feminist Library, London.  I have given readings from The Breathing Ghosts at Westminster Reference Library, London (with the poets and authors Sophia Blackwelland Roz Kaveney)  the Courtauld Institute of Art Literature Society, Freedom Press Anarchist Bookshop and the Feminist Library, London (with the author Liam Livings.) (For videos of my readings, please see my YouTube page.) I have also been interviewed for Dark Gothic Resurrected ezine (Summer 2013 issue,) for Nyx Book Reviews, Fangtastic Books, Short Sharp Reads, The Bookworm Blog and True Colorz. I was a ‘featured author’ for True Colorz in 2013. (Please see my Portfolio for more details.)

Writing is my true love, and I have written ever since I was teeny-teeny-tiny. The first ‘story’ I ever wrote- when I was six years old- involved my cat becoming a superhero (and yes, wearing a very fetching Supercat costume.) When not writing, blogging or reading voraciously, I can often be found searching for obscure vinyl records from the ’60s and ’70s, as I have a massive collection of records, and it is my pride and joy.) I have cultivated a (perhaps not so mild) obsession with The Lord of the Rings and pretty much anything involving swords, sorcery and brave people on horseback. I love myths, legends and fairytales, and this has often influenced my work. My favourite go-to authors are J.R.R Tolkien (of course,) Joanne Harris and Cassandra Clare.

For more information, please email me, see my website, search for The Breathing Ghosts Series on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (EleanorKeane1.)

If you still want to know more, keep reading! I’ve included a short ‘Get to Know Me’ quiz below which hopefully you’ll find illuminating (and if not, hopefully funny.)

Get to know me! The Quiz to Rule All Quizzes:

What is your favorite book?
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I am also a BIG fan of work by Joanne Harris, Leigh Bardugo, V.E Schwab and Cassandra Clare.
What is your favourite  nursery rhyme?

Oranges and Lemons

What is your favourite Disney film?
Beauty and the Beast
What is your favourite flavor of jelly beans?
Candyfloss, followed by watermelon, then bubblegum
Who is your style icon?
Stevie Nicks
What is your favourite album?
1. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
2. The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus by Spirit
3. Below the Salt by Steeleye Span
4. Songs from the Wood by Jethro Tull
5. Now We Are Six by Steeleye Span
What is the last gig you saw?
The Native American singer songwriter Buffy Sainte Marie, and she was AWESOME.
Last singer you listened to for the first time? 
The amazing Ruelle. Before that is was Halsey. 
What is your favourite genre of fiction? 
Obviously…fantasy!! But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE teen/young adult (YA.)
What are your favourite foods?
Pizza, dark chocolate, pasta with pesto (in fact, any Italian food really.)
What is your favourite TV series? 
Shadowhunters on Netflix for DEFINITE, then The Catch.
 Which flavor of ice-cream do you prefer?
Anything chocolate, but I also like mint choc chip and salted caramel. My favourite Ben and Jerry’s is The Full Vermonty.
What do you usually do when you have leisure time on your hands?

I enjoy going to the cinema, seeing my friends, shopping for vinyl records, shopping for shoes (when I have the money!) and of course reading, writing, and hanging out with my writing group. I also- of course- love blogging.

What is your favourite season?



If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

The Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand- the most beautiful place on (Middle) Earth! I’ve already been but I would kill to go back!

What is your favorite color?

Without a doubt, green
What is your favorite home cooked meal?

My mum’s crispy roast chicken (made with actual CRISPS) is legendary. She’s a great cook 🙂

What is your favourite feature?
My eyes and the colour of my hair, although I do sometimes wish it was redder. (It’s auburn.)
What is your favorite grab and go meal?

I love to make omelettes

Do you prefer to wear pants or dresses?

I love both jeans and dresses 🙂


What is your favorite snack?

Do you have pets?

I have one very cute, very mischievous kitten named Wimsey, (after Dorothy L. Sayers’ detective, Lord Peter Wimsey.) He loves to chase flies and sleep in the sink.

If you have to dress and leave in a hurry what is the one thing you can easily cut out of your routine?

I LOVE makeup (particularly red lipstick) but if I am really in a hurry then I can often go without it.

What was the last item you cooked and ate?

Parsnip chips (and they were great!)

Are you ticklish?
Yes! 😀
Do you like your handwriting?

Yes again! My handwriting is actually pretty distinctive as it’s very florid and Italic (kind of like old Victorian handwriting.) People always compliment me on it, which is very kind of them!


Were you named after anyone?

I was named after Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, and a song by the 70s band Lindisfarne called ‘Lady Eleanor’ (which, of course, is an AWESOME song. And yes, I do have it on vinyl.)
What do you most like to do in the snow?
Have snowball fights like Beauty and the Beast, and then make snow angels 🙂

 What is your favorite all-time movie?

Chocolat, closely followed by LOTR,  (of course,) then Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (WHAT?? It’s a classic!) and then Sense and Sensibility.
 Did you have a favorite toy as a child?

I had a clown toy named- imaginatively- ‘Clownie,’ and then a Shaun the Sheep hot water bottle that I took everywhere (even Legoland.)

Which family member do you most resemble?

My lovely mum, though I have my Da’s Irish curly hair


What is your favorite cereal?

Describe yourself in four words:
Kind. Imaginative. Always late.



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